Market Bag

This is a fun little project that works up fast. Get creative with yarn types and colors. However, Cotton or cotton blend is going to work better in this design. Especially if you anticipate the wear and tear from daily market produce. Now lets jump right in!



Crochet a magic circle.

Round 1- CH 1. SC 8 around the magic circle.

Round 2- SL into first stitch in the circle and CH 3. *SC in next stitch and CH 1*. Repeat in all 8 SC.

Round 4- SL in top of first stitch in the round. CH4. *SC in next CH space and CH 2.* Repeat around and SL in first stitch.

Round 5- CH 5. *SC in first CH space and CH 3*. Repeat around circle and SL into first stitch . Repeat this step increasing by one CH each round. Round 6 CH 4, Round 7 CH 5, Round 8 CH 6, Round 9 CH 7, Round 10 CH 8.

Round 11- Repeat pattern. CH 8 around until you reach your desired length. (Remember, these bags will stretch out quite a bit).

From there you can Single Crochet a Border around the top or make handles.


To make the handles simply SC around the bag two to times. On the third round stop a quarter of the way through and CH until you reach the desired length . Fasten back onto bag a quarter length away. SC a quarter of the bag and CH same number as the first handle. Fasten back on bag at a quarter length. SC to first handle. Tie off.


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