Mens Slippers

Flower pattern

This flower stitch is absolutely beautiful. It’s not the stitch for beginners. I suggest you get a few projects under your belt before attempting this, … Continue reading Flower pattern

Market Bag

This is a fun little project that works up fast. Get creative with yarn types and colors. However, Cotton or cotton blend is going to … Continue reading Market Bag


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Hat by Olga

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This pattern is both cute and stylish. The open stitch work makes it a perfect spring to summer hat. Pattern by Olga. To find more patterns from Olga follow this link

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Moroccan Tile Stitch

Such a beautiful stitch, this unique design will definitely add flare to any project you work with it. Get the step by step below.

Tiny Octopus

Adorable! This pattern is ridiculously cute. You will notice that this octopus really is tiny!! I recommend using a larger hook and yarn. The pattern will stay the same.

Wired earings

If you haven’t tried crocheting with wire to make jewelry than you aren’t going to miss this! These Earings are the product of a very simple pattern.