Wired earings


If you haven’t tried crocheting with wire to make jewelry than you aren’t going to miss this! These Earings are the product of a very simple pattern.

Flower pattern

This flower stitch is absolutely beautiful. It’s not the stitch for beginners. I suggest you get a few projects under your belt before attempting this, intermediate skill level at the least. Other than that this pattern is a go! Great for projects like curtains or shrugs. To go directly to the tutorial, click on the … Continue reading Flower pattern


Pineapple Earings

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Take your crochet skills to a new height! Try using beading, the possibilities are endless with crochet jewelry.

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Market Bag

This is a fun little project that works up fast. Get creative with yarn types and colors. However, Cotton or cotton blend is going to work better in this design. Especially if you anticipate the wear and tear from daily market produce. Now lets jump right in! Abbreviations CH- Chain SL- Slip Stitch SC- Single … Continue reading Market Bag

Fingerless Gloves

I’ve had my eye out for a simple fail safe pattern for fingerless gloves for quite some time now. This is it. The smaller hook size works well, not leaving the gloves with an awkward bulky feel. Twisted Stitches Posts

Tapestry Crochet Tips

If you are interested in tapestry crochet, this article has some must have great tips. Just click on the link below for tapestry crochet secrets… More posts from Twisted Stitches

Fringe Earings

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This is such a great concept! Branch out, try something new. Crochet jewelry will get you hooked!

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How to follow a graph pattern

This is life changing tutorial for those that have not yet conquered the graph pattern. 🙋 This Crochet technique demands perfection! This tutorial guides you straight through step by step. click below for the tutorial

Barbie Outfits

Growing up I absolutely adored my grandmother. I couldn’t wait until mom and dad said that we’d be going for a visit. I was captivated by her heavy french accent that was barely comprehensible. I smiled when i saw that mischievous twinkle in her eye. Playing dress up with her fancy jewelry and sparkly outfits … Continue reading Barbie Outfits

Moroccan Tile Stitch

Such a beautiful stitch, this unique design will definitely add flare to any project you work with it. Get the step by step below.