Stripped Granny Blanket

Stripped Granny Blanket

This project is both easy and fast. Using simple double crochet and chain it is super simple. Using Bulky yarn and a larger hook also helps it work up fast.

Stripped Granny Blanket



17mm and 19mm Hook

Charcoal Grey and Maroon

  • Make a foundation chain as wide as you would like the length of your blanket.
  • DC in each CH across the foundation chain.
  • Ch 2 DC in first stitch no
  • Ch 1 skip 1 stitch
  • DC in next stitch
  • (CH1, Skip1, DC in next) until the end of the row.
  • Turn and CH2
  • DC, CH1, DC In next space
  • Repeat until desired length of blanket is reached

You can switch colors at any time through out this pattern.

Fast, Simple and Classy

Make this design your go to gift of the season!

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